Plot 16

Poppies at Plot 16

Paul, my other half, and I have been plotting at Hamiltonhill Allotment for almost 5 years now. Set in the north of Glasgow, the site presents us with a number of challenges:

Poor soil – it was once a glass factory and was closed for 4 years by the Council so the site became overrun by weeds.

Climate  – at the top of a hill, the site can be windy and frost and snow can last a little longer than other parts of Glasgow.

Vandalism – there are usually a few incursions onto the site each year when sheds get broken into, tools get stolen or strewn round the site and vegetables get lobbed at greenhouses…

In spite of all those issues we have set about transforming a neglected, derelict, overgrown plot into a place we love. We’ve had to learn everything as we go along and are in a constant stare of reappraising what we do and what does and doesn’t work.

Plot 16 - the very beginning

Plot 16 – the very beginning

Plot 16

Plot 16

Paul at the plot

Paul at the plot

Jan at the Plot

Jan at the Plot


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