Saúl Bruno García

SaulGarciaBrunoOf the 43 students who were disappeared in Iguala on 26th September 2014, 8 were from Tecoanapa in the Costa Chica region of Guerrero. Saúl Bruno García was amongst them. Ever since he was a young boy he’d help about the house, in the kitchen and also in the countryside. Of all the children in the family he is the only one to have gone on to study. He wants to help his mum because he sees how hard she works. He wants to get a teaching qualification and to study graphic design to support his family. The other students in Ayotzinapa call him Chicharrón.

Tecoanapa means Tigre en la barranca in Nauatl, or River of the Jaguars. In this piece I have quoted a chilena “Tigre en La Barranca”…

Tecoanapa mi querido Tigre en Barranca/ Tecoanapa, my dear River of the Jaguars,

Donde los amantes cantan/ where lovers sing,

Cuando empieza a amanecer/as day dawns,

Tecoanapa, a mi gente este le dije/ Tecoanapa, this is what I have said to my kin,

Si me muero en la distancia/ If I were to die far away,

Mis restos traigan aquí/ bring my remains here.

(from a recording of Tigre en Barranca sung by Hector Morales).

His family and friends want him to come home to Tecoanapa alive. So do I.



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