Portraits from Cameroon

Chemical Application Workers on a banana plantation inCameroon © Jan Nimmo

Chemical Application Workers on a banana plantation in Fako, Cameroon, Central Africa © Jan Nimmo

I have been working with banana workers since around 2000 on a project called Green Gold where I have collaborated with Latin America Banana workers who labour on the large, extensively farmed plantations of Central and South America. The project is a mixture of portrait, documentary film, installation and testimony.

When the opportunity arose to go and film workers’ testimonies in Cameroon for Banana Link I was keen to see what the differences and similarities where between the two continents…

Portraits from Cameroon is a series of short workers’ testimonies filmed both on the plantations and in workers’ homes. I think they speak for themselves, but in brief, workers earn a third of what they need to survive, are exposed to harmful chemicals and work long hours.

The film was subtitled into Spanish so that workers in Latin America could learn about working conditions in Central Africa.

PfC was premiered at Document 10 International Human Rights Film Festival and will be screened at Workers Unite Film Festival in New York, May 2014.

© Jan Nimmo 2014